Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cancer Is Ruining My Halloween

I have a confession to make. I love Halloween. I love watching horror movies, carving the pumpkin, decorating the house, answering the door for trick-or-treaters (especially fun with two large dogs), and above all, the candy. I have a special Halloween music playlist that plays on my iPod and at our house during October. Songs like Frankenstein, Black Magic Woman, and Thriller. I know it's not politically correct for a Christian to like Halloween. I don't care. I want no part of a "Halloween alternative." I want Halloween!

I'm experiencing one of my favorite parts of Halloween as I write this. I just carved the pumpkin and I'm roasting pumpkin seeds in the oven. The smell of roasting pumpkin seeds fills the house. Is there anything better? Not right now.

But this year, Halloween doesn't feel the same. Vampires and zombies aren't as scary when you're in my shoes. Actually, I never have found the horror genre to be scary, with very few exceptions. I just find it amusing and very entertaining. And I'm not really scared of cancer, either.

What I mean to say is, Night Of The Living Dead isn't as much fun when I feel so blessed. Does that make sense? I have yet to watch one horror movie this month, and Halloween's tomorrow! I just haven't been in the mood. Not because I'm sad, but because if I stop and think for a minute, really think about everything that's happened over these last three life-changing months, all I want to do is thank God. And shake my head in wonder at the people in my life. My wife and I honestly had no idea that we had a support network like this. I want to repeat how much I can feel your prayers. This mood I'm in isn't just my normal upbeat nature. There's something supernatural going on here.

And that has to be the answer. For though I am not a Halloween hater, a holiday that celebrates death, even just for fun, doesn't ring true when I feel so grateful, blessed and alive. And I wouldn't be feeling this way if it wasn't for the cancer. Isn't that crazy? That's why cancer is ruining my Halloween. But on the upside, I found out prostate cancer is fed by hormones, not sugar like other cancers. so I can have Halloween candy! Mmmm, Smarties!

But I fully expect to be in the mood come this Thanksgiving and Christmas. In fact, I plan on being a total puddle of emotional goo this holiday season, so please bear with me. It's the Lupron talking.

Thanks again for checking in! And Happy Halloween! #waroncancer

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