Sunday, February 28, 2016

Interesting Times

I suppose I should tell you how I'm feeling. People do ask me that all the time. The short answer is, I feel fine. I feel no different than I did before my diagnosis, physically.
As I've mentioned before, it feels like the Lupron is fading, but that's to be expected. And desired! If we keep to the schedule that was begun last August, my next shot will be in about a month. Take the amount of dread you feel at having a root canal, and triple it. That's close to how I feel about getting my next Lupron shot. I really don't want that stuff in my body. If I can't take this, how will I ever do chemo? The answer is, I may never do chemo. That's a decision Sharon and I will have to make together if and when the time comes, and only a few others will get a vote. But only our votes count.

It all depends on what my new oncologist says my options are. I don't have an appointment yet, but I will call on Monday and try to "establish" with him as a patient. I'm really looking forward to at least feeling like we have a strategy. I haven't felt that way so far.

My weight is holding at 125. I'm keeping up with my protein shakes and working out. Actually looking forward to how I'll look in a tank top this summer after working out all winter! Hey, when you're 60, you gotta hold on to something.

It looks like this year will be another topsy-turvy one for us as we figure what our new life looks like. Last year was a very weird year in every way, not the least of which was in our taxes. I lost a job last year, so our income is all messed up. One would think we'll have enough medical deductions to make up the difference, but we'll see. What's that ancient curse? "May you live in interesting times." These are interesting times indeed.

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