Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weight Issues

My weight issues continue, but I think I have a system that works in place. Since I started drinking the protein shakes, I've been able to keep my weight up pretty well during the week, when I have a regular eating schedule. But on weekends it gets all messed up. Sundays are the worst, because I don't take the time to make and eat a full breakfast before I go to church. And neither of the churches we've been attending have free donuts!

Here's another culture reference for non-church people. In the culture in which I grew up, the biggest meal of the week is Sunday Dinner, which is the noon meal on Sunday. That's a tradition that I grew up with that we still practice. On Sunday, it isn't just lunch. It's a big deal. Most Sundays, my eating pattern has been maybe a cookie or donut in the morning, a big meal at noon, and just snack the rest of the day. But that does not add up to enough calories for me now. So I would lose weight over the weekend, then spend the whole next week trying to gain back the weight I lost.

My wife and I were discussing the issue, and she suggested I start having my shake for breakfast on Sunday mornings. It's easy and quick to make, so that seemed like a good solution. I tried that yesterday, and I did not lose any weight this past weekend. The shakes I'm drinking add up to about 700 calories each. I now vacillate between 127 and 128. I was 127 this morning. I think 127 is probably the new normal for me. That's OK, as long as I don't keep losing ground. If a month from now, I'm saying 125 is the new normal, call me on it.

As long I don't have to buy new skinny jeans, I'll be OK.

NOTE: In late February of 2016, my weight now fluctuates between 120 and 125.

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