Monday, February 29, 2016

Major Life Stuff

This is a big week, with lots going on. Major life stuff. But first, I should address last weekend some.

My friend Paul and I never made it to the Avalanche game Friday night. I don't feel free to go into detail as to why right now, but I'm not at all sorry that we missed the game, even though the Avs won, and the game went into overtime, and ended in a shootout. I would have eventually forgotten that game, but I'll never forget what transpired that night instead. Sharon and I were very privileged to be with our friends Paul and Denise that night. I believe that God put us together, and it had nothing to do with a hockey game. I was supposed to be with Paul that night.

It was a very meaningful and emotional time. Once we got home, I was overcome by emotion, and had a really good cry, to the point where I could not stand or even sit. Afterward, I felt much better.

As emotional as I am, I rarely break down. Five years ago, I lost five people in my life in one year, one of whom was one of my closest friends. We lost him shortly before Christmas that year. But I never broke down until I got a note from the son of my third grade teacher about a week later. I'd kept in contact with her for several years prior. He told me that she had passed away the previous year, and for some reason, that opened the floodgates. I well up easily, but it takes a long accumulation of stuff to get me to break down, for whatever reason. It's happened twice since my diagnosis, and I welcome it when it happens. But I made sure to be at home when it happened on Friday night. You don't want to break down at Wahoo's Fish Taco.

There have now been two instances that I can think of recently where I was able to be a small blessing to someone who had blessed me. That's another good way to process all of this love I'm receiving. Give it back. Pass it on. As Michael W. Smith said in his song, "Give It Away," love isn't love till you give it away.

On Saturday, I went to the performance by the Littleton Conservatory Of Rock, directed by my friend, Todd Labo. His wife Sandi was there. She's the therapist I've mentioned a couple of times, who's been a great help to me. So it was great to see her too. I actually do think I made a difference in at least some of the kids' performances. At least I got them thinking about performing, rather than just playing and singing. At this stage of my life, I really enjoy passing on some of the knowledge I've gained during my career. I'm looking forward to working with them again soon.

My appointment with my new oncologist is Wednesday afternoon at 2:30. I'll post about that on Thursday.

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